Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Birds of Coorg - Life at Honey Valley

31st Jan 2013

Oriental white eye

          As written in my previous blog on Storm Festival, I didn't get to see a lot of Coorg. All that I experienced of Coorg was at the Honey Valley resort ( with its widely spread coffee plantations and acres and acres of wilderness. There are quite a few easy and medium grade trekking paths around the estate. A took a few of them through a dense jungle. It felt a little eerie cause I was all alone but enjoyed every bit of it This place is a birders paradise and I was lucky enough to be here and to get up to the cacophony of the winged colourful beauties. Birding to me has become like a passionate sport - it somehow takes me one step closer to nature. Here are some snaps I clicked. Hope you like them!

Green Barbet

A hidden Golden Oriole

Purple Sunbird

Greater Coucal

Coffee beans

And let there be light!!

Black rumped flameback Woodpecker

Common Babbler


Clamourous Reed Warbler

Coffee Beans being plucked

Emerald Dove

Hill Mynah


Take me higher

The beautiful road to Honey Valley

Not much needed in life, just a shelter and some sunlight

Honey Valley

The large estate of Honey Valley

One of the treks at Honey Valley throgh a dense jungle

Purple Sunbird

Purple Sunbird

Oriental White Eye

Oriental Magpie Robin

Hill Mynah

Long tailed Shrike

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