Friday, January 13, 2012

Have you seen the flamingos??

07th January 2012

Sewri is one of the stations on the Mumbai Harbour train line.
Sewri is characterised by its' dock, a harbour lined by huge container ships, cranes where loading and unloading, black smokes of huge industrial units are the norm of the day.
Sewri, not a very handsome locality is one of the unique places where you see train tracks on the road and can experience a green flag being waved in the middle of the road for the huffing engine to pass by, while the four wheeled comrades wait their turn.
BUT, BUT and BUT, a small drive from the Sewri station, near the docs, the jetty opens to the sea AND then there are mud flats lining the shores AND the pink visitors choose these mud flats  of all places....

Every winter, a flock of these FLAMINGOS are spotted in the Sewri mud flats. We were the not the lucky ones as we didn't spot any. It was high tide and that was probably the reason. We did spot many other water birds though and had a great time watching the sunrise in the backdrop of ships in dilapidated conditions and huge container ships. Some shied away, while others posed for the shutterbugs.

Will try my luck again to see the shades of pink!!

Another Day begins !!

Story of the shutterbugs and the SUN

A golden reflection

Surreal !!


Little Egret

V for Victory !!

Western Reef Egret

Anybody knows this one??

Breakfast time !! I am guessing these are Common Snipes.

Little Egret

A dance of glory...

Pond Heron

Bar tailed Godwit

Great Egret

The perfect Take-off....

Aerodynamics at its best...

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