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Kerala travelogue - Day 7 (27th Nov 2011) - The beautiful backwaters of Alleppey

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No holiday to Kerala is complete without the houseboat experience. The rickshaw from Aymenem to Alleppey finishing point took us a little longer than usual as the roads were in a pretty bad condition and it started raining heavily.
 At the finishing point, our house boat 'Mayura' awaited us. It had an upper deck, like I asked for.The water front was lined with numerous houseboats. There are around 900 houseboats in Alleppey. As the diesel engine roared and we embarked on our journey, the wonderful sights and scenery opened up....let me stop  and let my our boat, the story teller do the talking for a change..... Reminds me of a Pink Floyd Song 'Learning to Fly'
Into the distance
A ribbon of black
Stretched to the point of no turning back
A fatal attraction
that's holding me fast
How can i resist this irresistible grasp
Can't keep my eyes from the circling skies
Tongue tied and twisted
Just an earth bound misfit, I...
That was my journey to 'Gods Own Country'... Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed being there.
Our HouseBoat Mayura

Boat Station

Patharimanal island in the distance


A flight of fancy

  • For the ignorant, even if you have booked the houseboat for the entire night, it travels for around 3 hrs. and then parks by a village side by 5:30 pm, after which they are not allowed to ply. The boat again starts by 8 pm to reach you to the finishing point by 9 pm
  • You can buy exotic fishes at one of the islands the boat stops at and buy fish for cooking in your houseboat.
  • You have options for massaging at the islands which your houseboat person can help you with.

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