Monday, January 30, 2012

Gorai beach - A day picnic on the beach

29th Jan 2012

So...this was my first relatively longer outing in my car. And guess what? my darling received its second scratch....due to some jerk trying to reach home or wherever on a very very URGENT basis.
Everyone wants to get everywhere first.....ya right, better speed up cause the world's coming to an end in 2012, isn't it??

My heart bled!!

We reached Gorai after about 1 1/2 hrs at 2:30 pm., driving through Ghodbunder road, Mira Bhayandar and then taking the Uttan road. You get a glimpse of salt pans as you drive through the Uttan road. Gorai is about 40 km from Thane. Gorai is also accessible by ferry from Mumbai.

The weather was pleasant when we reached, the water was luring and the beach looked like a regular for a lotta people. Gorai beach has brownish wet sand. The entrance to the beach is a very narrow path and don't be surprised if your car is stuck midway - there is hardly space for 2 cars to pass at the same time. It was picnic time for lots of families visiting the beach. Most of them , like us had come up with packed lunches and had spread their mats and 'chaddars' and gossiped, ate and watched the belongings while some of their folks enjoyed the waves.
The couples captured the rocks and were happy watching the mortal picknickers while they, arm in arm swore of their immortal love.

Though Gorai doesn't have any of your water scooters, speed boats or other water sports; it does have your traditional 'Ghoda-gaadi' or you can jump up a horse for a short trot along the beach.
It's a relatively clean beach, though not that scenic. Coconut trees line the beach and there are villas and inns surrounding them. At the beach, you will get everything from the basic cricket accessories like a bat and a ball to shorts for those who forgot they were coming to the beach to boiled
'chana' to pink , yellow and orange 'mhaatariche kes' to 'chai' to 'taadi' to coconut water, to sweet 'taal gud'.
Why, I even saw a woman selling vegetables???Didn't see any water birds, I guess that was obvious due to the huge crowd.
Also didn't see anyone attempting to swim, dunno if it's safe though a lot of people were frolicking in the water!! But one thing you can do is bring out the creative architect in you and build up the castle of your dreams, the sand is just perfect for it.

When on the beach, WATCH OUT!! Since you can take your cars and bikes on the beach, most people DO and you need to take care to not be run over by any as you are having your funtime.
A row of boats were there in the distance, shaking in a straight line, as if tied to each other.
It's a good weekend getaway if you are a beach lover and near to the city too!!

Nearby places to visit:

The Buddhist Pagoda (Vippashana Centre) is a few kms away from the beach. My friends who visited it said it's nice and beautiful there and the view at night when it's decorated with lights is quite astounding. Didn't know about it before so missed it, but next time for sure....

Didn't do a lot of photography but here are some of the photos I clicked...

Defying gravity

Mithun Da

The beach...


Catch me if you can....


Enjoying a horse ride...


For the perfect strike....

The sea....


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