Thursday, May 31, 2012

Arnala - A beach for the weekend

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29th Apr 2012
          Arnala is a beach near to Vasai and Virar, both being the last stations of the Western railway route. Didn't read many reviews of the Arnala beach on the NET and so thought of venturing to it. The idea of a nearby fort also added to it. The resorts near the beach were highlighted more than the beach itself (on the NET). There are many resorts near the beach like the SeaLord resort, Green Paradise resort, Anand resort (one of the oldest) amongst others which offer day picnics for a cost of around INR 400-500 per head among swimming pools and water rides, rain dance, buffet lunches etc...Overnight and day accomodation is also available.
          Well, for the beach...pathetic is the word!! Not for the beach itself, but for the human spoils on the beach. It seems like the localites don't have any other place to shit than in the middle of the beach. the beach
is littered with human waste, literally!! The sand was black and hot. At the small parapeted garden outlining the beach, you witness a lot of groups enjoying their bottles of whisky and rum. Some even get their stoves to get their fresh chicken roasted to accompany the intoxications. Looking at the state of the beach, thought against going to the Arnala fort also called Janjire Arnala by the localites, which is a little away from the beach about a kilometer or two. Found a relatively clean spot and enjoyed a bit in the water, a bit of cricket and a camel ride later and enjoying some taalguds and coconut water, we decided to turn back home.
          Overall wasn't a great experience, infact bad would be the right word!! Wouldn't recommend to anyone unless the local government or the localites decide to do something for the beach. Maharashtra has so many scenic spots, beaches, forts, but all are in such dilapitated conditions and the Government is least bothered. Please do something for Maharashtra before saying 'Jai Maharashtra'!! While returning back, we could see the 'Jivdani Temple' on the mountain right in front. It seems to be a good place to visit.